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Wool is our passion. Uan Wool strives to create high quality products which utilise wool as a 21st century super material, harnessing the properties of wool to offer our customers luxury and comfort combined with durable quality.

We aspire to provide customers with product traceability, green credentials, "upcycle" solutions and to be supportive to rural Scottish businesses involved within the wool production and manufacturing processes.
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Our product range is currently in it's final stages of testing before launching in 2016.

Uan Wool products are made from specially selected Scottish sheep breeds, utilising the wool's natural properties to create temperature regulating, breathable, and naturally flame retardant pillows. These products are designed to remember shape and not to become "lumpy" with use.

Our pillows are high quality and durable, with wool's proven associated soft health benefits relating to improving quality of sleep.
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